The  Early  Life  and  Works  of  Donald  James  Hamrick


 Donald, as an architect, engineer,                                                                    Salem, Oregon, 1950's            


 Donald at Harbinger, California,1968


Born in 1935, outside of Los Angeles, California,

Donald has led a challenging and eventful life.
He has been an architect, designer and engineer,
a painter and photographer, 
a philosopher, an epistemologist, an educator,
and a minister in the Restoration Movement.

He has been the founder and CEO 
of numerous businesses and foundations, 
to further his work as a physicist, bio-physicist,
and as a prolific researcher, inventor 
and patent writer. 
His pioneering inventions 
helped to revolutionized health care.
In seminary, he taught Greek language, 
and as a Professor, he taught optics and acoustics.

Skilled in methods of hypnosis and mediation,
he applied these skills to health education
and to his contributions as a speaker, a poet,
and as a writer of short stories, full length books, 
and thousands of brief, highly distilled writings.

In the 1960's, Donald was commonly referred to
as a "high energy brother".
He has been a loving spouse, father, 
guide and friend to many.

One of his major purposes, 
as demonstrated through his relationships
and through his work, 
has been to shatter superstitions
and to unite spiritual truths with scientific truths.

This website provides only a glimpse 
into Donald's early life,
the principles he discovered and shared, 
and some possible contributions to civilization.

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