Donald Hamrick began as a materials physicist,

earning his Ph.D., from Berkeley, at the age of 25.

Specialization in fluid physics followed.

Becoming increasingly concerned about life 

and life processes, he also became a bio-physicist. 

For a brief period, in the 1970's, 
Donald was the science editor
for a magazine, in the U.K.
He was a university professor 
of optics and acoustics, 
in Denmark.

Concerned about global social unrest 

and increasingly violent weather and changing climate,

for over fifty (50) years, 

Donald attempted to have his writings published 

(other than through self-publishing)
and to have his ecosystemic Life Essentials Technology 
designs and methodologies acknowledged,
adopted and put into production
for local self reliance on a large scale.

In addition to being the C.E.O. 
and / or the head of research and development, 
for others, or for companies he founded himself,
he continued to refine the life essentials, until 2009.

Ecosystemically, his technologies would provide:
Air to breathe
Water to nourish plants, humans and other life
Nutritious food to eat, for humans and animals
Waste processing
Fuel production from waste and biomass
Emergency Shelter

Donald's Thesis Equation:


Thesis Equation, 1960.pdf Thesis Equation, 1960.pdf
Size : 36.05 Kb
Type : pdf



Donald working

in Frontiers of Science Fellowship's laboratory,
Harbinger, 1968


High Frequency Equipment 


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