Life Style Research was conducted 



at HARBINGER Community, 

located at 

Harbin Hot Springs, California, 

from 1967 – 1969. 

Information on this page is in the following groupings:

General Descriptions
" We . . . " (Harbinger University - part I)
Harbinger University - part II
The Changes Magazine
Newspaper Coverage
The Celestial Synapse
Photo Gallery - Slide Show





The following introductory documents 

for the life style research organization and facility

were written in 1968 and 2011.

Some of these downloadable PDF articles,

are also available online, at Wikibin:

Intro. to Frontiers of Science (An), 1968.pdf Intro. to Frontiers of Science (An), 1968.pdf
Size : 66.702 Kb
Type : pdf
F.O.S.F. - Statement of Purpose, 1968.pdf F.O.S.F. - Statement of Purpose, 1968.pdf
Size : 54.983 Kb
Type : pdf
Harbinger Community, 1969.pdf Harbinger Community, 1969.pdf
Size : 34.604 Kb
Type : pdf
Harbinger Community, for Wikibin, May20-11.pdf Harbinger Community, for Wikibin, May20-11.pdf
Size : 111.429 Kb
Type : pdf
Lecture Summaries, F.O.S.F., 1967 - 1968.pdf Lecture Summaries, F.O.S.F., 1967 - 1968.pdf
Size : 152.522 Kb
Type : pdf


" WE . . .  "  

HARBINGER  UNIVERSITY  -  part  I        

Harbinger University was in formation, in 1968.

Part I is a poor quality photocopied version

of an introductory presentation made on behalf

of Harbinger University entitled: " We . . . "

There is also a PDF below the photocopied version,
containing words only, no photos.

(Note: At some point, in the near future, the photocopies

will be replaced with real photos.)

" We . . . " - Introduction



These documents provide the second part 

of the introduction to Harbinger University.                                                         

Intro. to Harbinger University, 1968.pdf Intro. to Harbinger University, 1968.pdf
Size : 54.651 Kb
Type : pdf
Manifesto of Love (A) (poem), 1969.pdf Manifesto of Love (A) (poem), 1969.pdf
Size : 56.266 Kb
Type : pdf


THE  CHANGES  MAGAZINE                             

Here are 15 scanned pages of the one preserved copy
of The Changes Magazine, 
produced by Steven Lieper, and other writers, 
with artists, such as Armando Busick,         
at Harbinger, in 1968:




Here are a few newspaper clippings

regarding Harbinger / Frontiers of Science Fellowship:




This fund-raising musical event

was hosted by Frontiers of Science Fellowship,
at the Filmore West, San Francisco, California,
on the evening of February 19th, 1968.

Rolling Stone Magazine described
The Celestial Synapse performance 
as a most significant musical event, of 1969,
and published the following review
(scroll down to approximately 'page 4'
to the Heading: "Celestial Synapse at the Fillmore"):

This link shows the album cover (front and back)

and provides free access to downloadable audio recordings
of the live performance, by the Grateful Dead.

The Grateful Dead Family Album book,

contains a one-page article regarding this event
and its hosts:

The online encyclopaedia, Wikibin, and Facebook,

both contain pages pertaining to this particular event.



This photo gallery or slide show 

(you can select which format you prefer)

contains 477 black and white photographs
taken during the Harbinger /
Frontiers of Science Fellowship era, 1967 - 1969.

There are numerous more photos and contact prints
still to be edited and titled.


Outdoor Gathering on the Deck  

Aerial View of Property

Meal Time ! 

 Close-up of Some of the Children with Jeff

Housing and Hugging 

Visitors Who Observe, Study and Discuss 

  Grounds Development

Greenhouse and Crops with a Scarecrow 


Preparing the "Love Letter" Newsletter

Don's Daughters Preparing Food in the Kitchen 

Meditation Building 

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